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Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships 2016 Results

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The second Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships have come and gone, it is safe to say if you were not part of it, you missed an incredible day! The short stats show that a total of 163 individuals formed 73 teams with many entering one, two or three categories. Special mention to Mariska Folley who was the outright COMP PIG for the day entering in FOUR different categories! The day proved without question that the sport is rocketing in popularity and the Olympic bid is gaining traction with every major event. A huge thank you to all of the amazing people who came along to participate, the spirit of the competitors is what makes it such an incredible day.

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Some of the finest moments from the event had very little to do with flying. Kyle Chick, competing in two categories, found the time between rounds to get to the sewing machine and repair another flyers suit, who also happened to be someone that he was in direct competition with. Allan and Sonnica, from iFLY Melbourne, realised they were not in the medal contention for 2 Way Dynamic and on their last round invited the other competitors in to fly with them and put on a fantastic display of dynamic flying for everyone to see. Towards the end of the night there were more than 50% of the tickets remaining for the Soldier On raffle. When it was announced, the rush of people to grab their wallet and purchase tickets was a truly special moment, an accurate reflection of the type of people involved in this sport that make it so special.

There was as well of course, some spectacular flying! A full list of results can be found by clicking HERE. Team iFLY Downunder and Team Focus took podium honours for 2 Way Dynamic and 4 Way VFS Open by a clear margin. A great result for both teams who are in an excellent position moving into their world meet events in the coming months. Congratulations on the wins and best of luck from everyone here in Australia. Whilst these teams were out in front, both categories were hotly contested for second and third, showing the continual development from Australian flyers.

2 Way Dynamic

iFLY Singapore’s, Kyra Poh, took home some gold, winning not only the Freestyle Open event but also the 4 Way FS – A category as part of team Skyblockers. Kyra is a young lady on rise, dominating the sport along with Amy Watson, who took out gold in the Kids Freestyle. Both are leading the way to inspiring other young girls to follow in their footsteps, #flylikeagirl. The Freestyle Open event also included a very tight contest for second and third between Mason Corby and the silent assassin, Kurmet Jaadla, who narrowly took home the silver by a mere .11, yes that’s right, point one one over four rounds! All the best to Mason and his camera man, Jimmy, who will be representing Australia at the World Championships next month.

2 Way VFS Intermediate was one of the most popular divisions and also the most hotly contested with a mere 6 points separating first and third. Too Moist For You, all the way from Singapore, came out on top for the gold by just one point. This was definitely one of the most fun filled and happiest categories with many scratch teams put together and a real focus on fun!

The Kids Freestyle had 11 entrants and showcased a diverse range of skill levels. Amy Watson winning gold, narrowly beat Shane Onis who came in second and Jordan Bassett-Smith in third place. This event was undoubtedly one of the crowd favourites, the atmosphere in the room building from seeing the future of the sport really enjoying themselves. Many of the flyers have been involved with our Junior iFLYer program and practicing their tricks and skills throughout the term certainly saw many proud parents and very happy kids. The kids were also a very important part in the day, playing in the tunnel with the raffle balls and selecting the prize winners is always a crowd favourite to see.

Indoor Skydiving Championships Kids Freestyle Winners

The FS categories formed a huge part of the competition with a total of 32 teams across the four categories! An amazing representation for this discipline which is the most traditional but continues to grow in popularity. The current Australian Outdoor Champions, Rotor Out, took the honours in the AAA division, setting a great precedent for the upcoming world meet. The rookie category was packed this year and was hotly contested with Fly By Chutings eventually taking out the very prestigious honours, as well as being a contender for best team name.

A special thanks must go to our iFLY ambassadors, Troy Crotty, Russ Blackman and Barbara Meister, who all competed in multiple teams and disciplines, and to the military who were registered in a total of 9 teams in the FS divisions!

Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships FS

Continuing with the thanks, to everyone behind the scenes who made the day function as well as it did, you all did a fantastic job. The staff, whose efforts to ensure the experience was great for the competitors cannot go un-noticed, a sensational display of teamwork. There are also a few special mentions, the APF Judges, Wade Challenor, Jenni Plumridge, Lindy Williams & Cole Ruthenburg, Peter ‘Irish’ Sutton the MC, Keith, Ryan, Mason and Kurmet for judging the dynamic competitions, those who volunteered their time, and the café staff who ensured that no one got ‘hangry’.

To the sponsors who donated additional prizes for the winning teams, we thank you for your substantial contributions. Sydney Skydivers, Direct Accounting, Adrenaline, Deem, Advanced Airbrush and Skydive Oz you are all amazing and the contributions you have made are so well received.

The day really did showcase this incredible sport, no matter your age or skill level there is a category for you to be a part of. From all of us here at iFLY Downunder, we thank you all for coming and can’t wait to see you all again at the next one. Blue skies and happy flying!

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