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Global Ladies Night at iFLY Downunder

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On Friday, 25th October, iFLY Downunder joined over 40 iFLY wind tunnels around the world to celebrate women of the sport with a Global Ladies Night; a night filled with mimosa’s, fruit and cheese platters and an hour of flight time.

We had ladies ranging from ages 7 – 50 attend the night and everyone had a moment of progress as well as a good time. We had a range of different skills come together doing head down and head up sequentials, belly and back formations, games of tip and a good old rodeo.

There were ladies who attended that managed step out of their comfort zone and achieve skills they weren’t able to do before. We had Kristy Guy flying in 4-5 way flat formations, Nicole Brown and Izaya Souter successfully flipping a pancake from head up to head down, we had a group of girls (Kodi, Sammi, Carissa and Jessie) flying together and making up their own games in there; and a congratulations to Laura Brosnahan who was able to take a head up double dock by the end of the event! Everyone who attended, no matter the skill level, jumped in and tried everything. Global Ladies Night was planned and structured so that everyone flew with everyone, we even had some adults throw on a bigger flight suit and fly with the kids!

The biggest highlight of the event was that everyone who attended tried something new and managed to achieve something they weren’t able to do before. This event showed how welcoming and encouraging this community is, by the amount of excitement there was when someone successfully flew something new or when you see an advanced flyer teaching others how to do new formations.

Check out all the event photos HERE.




The feedback we got from the ladies who attended was positive all round and we have already secured slots for our next Ladies Night in November!

Want to get involved? Check out the event on Facebook HERE. We can’t wait to fly with everyone again soon!

The iFLY Team xx

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On October 31, 2019
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