Perth to host first WA Indoor Skydiving Championships

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ifly perthPerth, Western Australia: iFLY Indoor Skydiving Perth is flying high on the WA event calendar with the announcement of the first ever Western Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships launching November 25th.

Hosted at iFLY Perth, the Championship coincides with the celebration of their 1st year anniversary.

‘We can’t wait to host the first ever WA Championships here at iFLY Perth’ comments iFLY Perth’s Facility Manager, Dicey Bergic. ‘We have had interest not only from local competitors but inter-state and even international. This will be an incredible day not only for the athletes but also the spectators’.

The 2017 Western Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships registration has now opened with 9 Event Categories open for contenders of any age or ability.

The Western Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships are free for the public to attend.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving has been expanding rapidly across the country with locations also in NSW and QLD.

‘We have been overwhelmed with how the sport has grown in our local community and Australia as a whole’ Dicey said.

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Indoor skydiving first became a sport in the 1960’s by Jack Tiffany who was the first human to ever try it out at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Indoor Skydiving was originally used for skydivers and the military to practice stunts and skills in any weather and in a safe environment, however, since the opening of the indoor facilities around Australia and in particular Perth it has transitioned into being a highly skilled competitive sport.

‘It’s such a unique and rewarding sport and I feel that’s what captivates people. There is the constant opportunity to challenge yourself and there is always something new to learn. It is truly addictive’, continues Dicey, ‘We expect Indoor Skydiving will continue to thrive as it is accessible for everyone. Flyers can range from ages 3 years to 103 years and caters for all abilities and experience levels. Not only is Indoor Skydiving a great sport to partake in, it is also incredibly fun to watch as flyers perform fast and fluent movements in the wind.’

The Western Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships will be held at iFLY Perth located at 143 Great Eastern Highway, Perth. Further information and registration via our events page.


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